ASK Limited is recognized as a pioneer of linear motion bearings. Used as guides in machine tools, industrial robots and conveyance systems, linear motion bearings play a major role in support of many different industries. ASK products are held in particularly high regard for their reliability and quality.

 ASK has energy and innovation — characteristics vital for supporting future generations.

Technological Innovation

技術革新 Technological Innovation

Employees at ASK Limited are allowed great flexibility in developing the products in our field as a linear motion manufacture. It is our basic philosophy to develop the products with the customers by asking their demand and listening their requests, which is different from the way to supply the products designed only by manufacturer’s idea and convenience. It’s our pleasure to change the customers’ requests to something new and get the customers’ satisfaction by it.

World Class Manufacturer

世界品質 World Class Manufacturer

ASK Limited has long been both a supplier and purchaser to and from the World Linear Market. Our ability products but also enables us to make the right decisions where we choose to import quality linear products on your behalf. Often we combine both aspects, importing part manufactured product and further adding significant value by applying our own additional machining and/or modifications. A wide product range and global networks are our strength.

New Ideas

新・発想 New Ideas

ASK Limited is always seeking new suggestion in the new field on the base of the depth knowledge and experience cultivated as pioneer manufacturer in the field of Linear Motion Bearing. It’s our mission to give new surprise to the market as well as to fulfill customers’ dreams through products development and new suggestions.