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Technical information

ASK provides all the technical details you need to know about our products.

In this section we provide requirements for use, structural information and other technical details about ASK products. Please contact us if you have any inquiries.

ASK T-RACE – Technical Information

1.The ASK T-RACE System Improves Automation and Handling Efficiency 2.Self-Aligning ASK T-RACE System
3.Component Features  

The ASK T-RACE System Improves Automation and Handling Efficiency

  • High-rigidity C-shaped rails for heavy loads
  • Hardened rails
  • Smooth, silent operation
  • Surface-treated for excellent corrosion resistance


Self-Aligning ASK T-RACE System

Benefits of self-alignment

Errors in installation:
Rail non-alignment in a linear system consisting of two axes in parallel prevents smooth travel along the entire rail length. Operating a system like this without a self-aligning function can cause extreme friction inside the bearing and lead to higher energy consumption and greater abrasion, thereby increasing susceptibility to breakdowns and reducing system life. The ASK T-RACE self-aligning system is a solution to these issues.

Self-alignment reduces costs
  • Reduces costs as mounting surface precision is not required
  • Reduces assembly time by compensating for errors in installation
  • Realizes long system life by minimizing abrasion
  • Lessens energy consumption due to low friction

This linear system has been well received by the market for roller-based linear bearings and telescope rails. This was achieved by combining rails and rollers with self-aligning capability.



Component Features

High-load roller bearing
High-load roller bearing
Corrosion-resistant black rail
Corrosion-resistant black rail